Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 5 - May 12th

Our “pooped” out trooper!

Today was a good day! Madison slept through the night and seemed unfazed by the laxatives!! We got her up at 7 and sat her on the toilet! She had a bowel movement on the toilet for the first time in years!! It was so exciting! She was thrilled. She immediately asked if she could wear big girl undies! We had our x-ray and it looked all clear. We will do the same meds tonight and then have an x-ray in the morning. She is eating allot of food! She actually woke up last night at 10 and came and asked for a snack. It is so unlike her to think about food. Before bed she said I am so excited for breakfast! It is so fun to see her have an interest in food and beverages. Usually she will only eat a few bites and be done! We are worried that she will not pass enough tomorrow morning to be empty after eating so much today. We will see what happens!
We took her to the Creation museum today and she really liked that. She loved all of the dinosaurs! She is missing her sister and is always talking about her! It is very sweet!
We are excited that things are going well.... a little anxious each night about what the next day will bring! Pray that she is able to poo in the morning so that we will not have to give an enema.
Thanks for all of your prayers!