Monday, July 14, 2008

I've Got Mail!

Thanks to all of you that sent goodies in the mail! Today we received quite the stack!

Crafts from the Knudson & Rookes

A letter from Madison's dog Libby! She is showing the picture to everyone!

A letter from Tri-County Christian

Boy is she loved!!! Thanks to all of you for all that you are doing to show us so much kindness!!!


What's for dinner??

So what exactly is Maddie getting???? Here it is!

Bon appetit!
Lipids.. this bottle is a whoppin 1000 calories!
Essential fatty acids TPN - Total Parenteral Nutrition
liquid meat and potatoes!

Great day so far

playing outside
looking over the rooftop fence at the view outside!
She said " I have so much good energies since I have been in bed for weeks"!

Playing outside... a little difficult with all the "equipment"
Resting up for BINGO!

Today has been a great day. Madison is feeling really good. We have been given permission to roam free in the hospital. She is having fun roaming the first shop, library... you name it she wants to check it out. We found a great outdoor rooftop playground for patients only. We had fun out there, did some coloring and a game of war.

She has been a little more aware of the whole "food' issue today. The best was when we were waiting for the elevators and the door opens and there stands a guy with a huge cafeteria tray of chicken fingers and French fries...can you imagine the look in her eyes? I jumped in front of her trying to block her few and some of the aroma. They then "invite us in" assuring them us that there is plenty of room. I kindly say that we will wait and they again invite us in... I looked at he guy and mouth... she will want to eat your food! He apologizes and the doors close. Madison looks up at us and says " I am really hungry for some chicken"! Jed and I died laughing and she only lasted a few minutes! She has decided that she wants her first meal to be pancakes! We will see what we can do! Sounds like a pretty mild food to start with!

We are taking a quick break and then are off to BINGO in the child life room. They say that it is always a full house!

We still have not been able to get into the Ronald McDonald House. We decided today that we would check out of the hotel today and all start bunking here to save money as we were using the hotel so little. We will report in on how it goes.... Madison is pretty excited that we will all be together!

A specific prayer request is that Madison would start passing gas. Her belly is looking pretty distended and it can only be because of gas. If that does not change we will not get the ok to eat on Thursday. We needed her "tooted out" by Wed when we get the xray!

Thanks for your continued prayers, your post of encouragements, email and your mail! Madison, Jed and I are sooooo thankful for our AMAZING support system! We are blessed.