Saturday, August 2, 2008

a sad day....

taking down the crib

Mommy pouting that I have no more babies!

The nursery is now the playroom!!

daddy takes a breather after disassembling the crib

Olivia approves of the playroom

Piles of stuff to pitch or take to the attic!

more piles!

The garage...starting to overflow!

I am so sad.... there are officially no more babies in the house. We packed up the crib after 6 years of it being a part of the family. I am in no way saying that it will not come back out at some point but it was hard to see it get taken down and brought to the attic. I am way to sentimental! the nursery is now the playroom and Maddie and Olivia are sharing a "big girl room". I will add pictures of their room when I get it all done!!

We continue on the journey of getting rid of stuff. The garage is OVERFLOWING with stuff to sell. Part of me just wants to take it all right to goodwill.... My sisters have convinced me that they need to go through it, so I will continue on!! It feels so good to get it all out! I do not remember the last time that we had empty shelves and drawers! WoooHoooo!

I will keep you informed on the purge!!