Monday, October 27, 2008

carving pumpkins...

The girls were running all over town with me today... the death of them was 2 hours in Menard's. I promised them that if they were good we would do something special... They were good, or as good as any 3 and 6 year old can be in Menard's for 2 hours. We decided that we should carve pumpkins! We washed and "de-gutted" them before Jed came home.... the girls quickly abandoned Jed and he was left to carve alone! They turned out really cute! Madison wanted a Cubs pumpkin but we were afraid we would be victim of a crime from an unstable fan.... we went with the Bears instead!

the fun has to stop...

When I got in the shower they were clothed and painting nicely, on paper. Not sure what happened.... well yeah I do, they think I am cool and will let them do whatever they want. I asked for it...showers with clothes on, running in the rain. this fun had got to stop!! I am exhausted!! for the record Olivia said that finger painting means you can paint with your fingers...on anything!

our elephant...

I love this little guy... they are always together! Isn't he too cute!

Madison's class..
Madison had her Noah's Ark party at school on Friday... this is the Halloween alternative. They have to come dressed as an animal! I am one of the room moms this year and really enjoying being able to plan the parties and be involved with Madison's class. She is such a doll and learning so much!!

little explorers and the poor dog....

I was working in my office the other day and saw the girls go out on the back deck... I about died when I saw poor Libby trailing behind. They informed me that they were going "exploring". Madison even had a map! How fun to watch them play together and use their ever active imaginations. Libby looks like such an old maid......

Thursday, October 16, 2008

tell me they are not just the best thing....

Kori took our family pics the other day. I just LOVE this one! I love that they are both laughing! What an amazing thing to see Madison so full of life and happy!!! Every time I see this picture I can not help but be thankful... I have so many blessings in my life!! Thank you Kori for capturing the sweet spirit of these precious girls!!!


I am soooo thrilled that I finally figured out this stupid layout!!!! I DID it! So here we are, back in business. You no longer have to wear your 3-D glasses to view my blog!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Miss Eden.....

This is for you Chris!!
help...she wont take this flower out of my hair!

My neice Eden has been staying with us this week as her momma Heidi is visting our sister Danielle who just had baby Teagan. Here are a whole slew of pics... I know that there are allot but it is mainly to satisfy Heidi! She is such a doll..... and boy is she busy!!!

uppercase living...

a few months ago I had an uppercase living party. It was great stuff and I was excited to order a few things for the house..... it has taken me 4 months to get them done but I love the results! You can check out the website at My rep is Melissa Hartzell in Sterling. I am off to get the pics printed and matted for the frames in teh hallway! I am so thrilled to finally have this hallway done!! the girls room is just about completed... a few more final touches!

playing in the rain...

Do you remember the post from last week where I talked about try not to say "no" so much... I am still working on it! Madison has been waiting patiently for the rain to come! yesterday as soon as she came home from school she asked if she could go outside and get wet! Olivia was a little more reserved, but Madison had a blast!!


I just love these pics of Olivia. She loves washing dishes. I thought that these were so sweet.

Monday, October 6, 2008


ok so in my ventures to make my blog more aesthetically pleasing I sooooo screwed something up.... I found a site that has free blog templates and now for the life of me cannot get it to go away.... I hate this layout and have had several others also log in and try to fix my "issues" with no success. We have erased HTML addresses again and again and still this blasted thing will not go away. If you have any suggestion or are a computer genius let me know..... I am so stinkin' disturbed that I can not figure it out!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

a day at the apple orchard....

We had a great day at the apple orchard today. It was BUSY... they said that they had had 4,000 people pick apples!!! WOW! It was a beautiful day and all of the kiddos had a much to see, do and TASTE! We went to Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove. Jed's parents, Steve and Janan came and brought along their darling "new kiddos" Stello, Mikie and Tjaden. These three sweet kids are staying with them for a few months! We are loving having them as part of the family! Jed's sister Sara and her husband Chuck came as well with their three kids - Ben, Dominique and Elliott.

The kids.. Tjayden, Ben, Madison, Dominique, Olivia, Mikie and Elliott
the finished product!!! Miss Olivia

Pony Rides
Heading out on the wagon to pick apples
Sweet Mikie... my girls LOVE her!

The workers!
what do you do when you do not have a ladder!?
The Smiths!
Daddy and his girlsMy precious girls Carmel apples, donuts, cider and many more forms of sugar were consumed!

On the way home!!! Madison, Mikie and Olivia!