Thursday, August 21, 2008

pray for my little sister.....

Lauren, Danielle and me at the baby shower last Sunday.

my sister Danielle is 33 weeks pregnant. She has struggled her whole life with hemagiomas, tumors that form in your blood vessels. Danielle has been under special care since her pregnancy began. Last night she started having allot of pain and was having some involuntary eye twitching. After seeing her doctor today they have decided to admit her to the hospital. She will be having scans done in the morning to see how everything looks and then decisions on how to move forward will be made. Please pray for Danielle and Ted these next 24 hours as I am sure they are anxious about what the scans will show.

Danielle's doctor told her that a baby born at 33 weeks would do fine..... not something I would wish on anyone though. It brings me right back to the days with Maddie as a preemie.

We love you Danielle and Ted and are praying for you!

great news.....

hello all!! Just wanted to give you an exciting update! Madison has been on the new dosage of meds for 2 days now with no results. We were instructed that if after 48 hours we had not had any poop that we were supposed to give an enema. That would have been this evening and we have had no results.....until.... after lunch I made Madison sit on the potty. For the first time that I can ever remember in her life she had a normal solid stool that she said she could feel!!!! Can you believe it! I wanted to take a picture of it! I was so excited but since I know that more than family is checking the blog I will show restraint! Madison asked me why I was crying... I told her that I was so happy that she was able to go potty. She immediately decided to take advantage of the situation and said " do i get a surprise"!!!! Of course the answer was YES!!!

I will email Dr. Levitt and let him know! I am sure that he will be thrilled as well! So we will continue on with NO EXLAX and 2TBL of Pectin for now!!!!