Sunday, September 21, 2008

just one more reason I love my hubby.... ( not that I need more reasons!)

Danielle and her beautiful baby girl
Teagan Janae
The happy family

So Danielle had that beautiful baby girls on Thursday. It was so sweet to have all five of us sisters on a conference call as Danielle told the details of Teagan. She had arranged to call from the recovery room so that we could all hear together. A very sweet moment... I did not say much as I was to choked up. I was really struggling with not being there. I have been able to see all of my sisters the day they had their babies so it just felt so strange to be 8 hours away. Since the Smith family has been gone from home about 50% of the last 6 months I did not think that it was going to work to go see Danielle and Teagan. I looked at the calendar several times and was just not finding a good time to escape on a quick trip...not with work, guilt of leaving the kiddos after a hard summer and all the other details that would need to be worked out. I had accepted the fact that I would see them all at Thanksgiving when they came home.
After we hung up on Thursday I cried a little...but being a big girl I continued on with my day...several times wondering how Danielle was doing or what that precious Teagan looked like...

I made lunch for Jed and I and sat with him in his office. We talked about how weird it was not being able to jump over to the hospital to see we decided to do the next best thing and order flowers so they knew we were thinking of them.
A few hours later I returned to Jed's office.... (by the way it was our anniversary this day too!) He said " do you want to go out?" I though that he was referring to dinner plans.... when I asked if I should get a babysitter he said " no, to Ohio....should we go?" I made sure that he know not to joke about such an issue. So an hour and a half later the car was packed and we were on our way.... he felt like it was the right thing to do and there was no commitments that where holding us back.
We arrived at Ted and Danielle's house at 3AM. Mom and dad let us in! We surprised Ted and Danielle on Friday morning! I dressed in scrubs and went in to see the patient! She about opened her incision the way she gasp and jumped....what a fun surprise. We were able to spend Friday and Saturday with them and then left this morning. The girls adore Teagan and were so excited to see her. Jed was so great and allowed me to just spend hours on end at the hospital with my sister and Teagan. What an awesome anniversary present!
Here are some pics of the sweet mom and baby!!

just after the surprise!!

Meeting Teagan

checking out my sweet niece
Cousin Madison
Cousin Olivia

Uncle Jed

In her daddy's arms

The girls LOVE!!! her!!

crazy head of hair!!

I think we are all ready for number 3 now!!

Aunt Nikki with the little peanut!