Monday, August 11, 2008

wow....we've got a lot done!

disclaimer: If you have your magnified glass out and are looking through all of the piles and stacks that are "for sale" do not be alarmed or offended if an item that you once gave or owned is in these said piles. I cleaned and cleared and asked a series of questions. If the correct answer was not given to every question the item was deemed "not able to move to greenfield". If your feeling are still hurt then go ahead and get 7000 square feet of stuff (4500 of house and at least 2500 of attic and basement!) and fit it in a 2000 square foot house! I am saving them the agony of realizing that it will not all fit!!!! If we would have kept it all there would have no room for you to come and visit. And if you still feel some kind of attachment to the items there is a good chance that you could visit Twice as Nice, Goodwill or the Crisis pregnancy Center and get it all back!!! (but then your kids will do the same thing to all of your stuff before you know is a vicious cycle!)

who wouldn't want to stop and see??

room #1

Room #2...everything you see is for sale. If it is on the walls, the tables or the floor it is for sale!!

Rooms #3 & #4 not pictured!!!

Keeping the kids entertained...every dumpster needs a good cleaning!

the volunteer army... Lori, Bridget and Claire
The bathroom after scrapping and before plaster!
Grandpa & Olivia paintingJed & uncle Marc refinishing floors!The help is going crazy!!!To much work...not enough fun!!!

Ok... I am back.. not quite back to the land of the living as I am soooo tired, but back! It has been a CRAZY week! Where do I start?
We have been busy at mom and dads house with cleaning, painting, refinishing floors and holding the worlds largest moving sale ever! We did AWESOME and were very successful at moving out allot of “treasures”! Today we have been sorting and delivering: some to consignment, some to goodwill and some to the crisis pregnancy center! I feel so great to have gotten rid of so much! I feel so free!
Mid week we had a terrible storm pass through Freeport. The lighting was incredible and the thunder down right scary! Jed was out of town for 4 days and of course that is when the lighting and thunder come crashing in. We lost power for about 40 hours.... never a dull moment. Luckily, it was just my area here in town (you are surprised right. I am not usually in the bottom percentages!) Mom and dad had power so we just camped out!
We are slowly starting to get back into the normal routines here. School is starting in just a few short weeks. Is that possible? Madison is still really struggling with bowel recognition. Some days we will catch something when I have her sit on the potty but other then that we are always having accidents. She is no where near ready for underwear. It is very frustrating as we will be 5 weeks post-op on Thursday. Madison has her follow up appointment on Thursday in Cincinnati so the two of us will be heading out on Wednesday night. It will be along few days in the car but it will be fun to have time with her. She is a great traveler! We have made hotel reservations near a huge scrapbook store so we are planning on getting all of the stuff to make her birthday invites! She is having a very special birthday party and we need very specific items for the invites! We will also be going to get all of her school supplies! As you can imagine she is very excited about all of that as well!
Unfortunately, we think that the C-diff may be returning. The last few days I have seen some signs that alarmed me and then today some definite warning flags went up. She has been off the anti-biotics for 8 days now. Dr. Levitt has ordered a stool sample and has started her back on antibiotics as a precaution until the sample comes back. If it is negative we will just stop the meds. I had a feeling that he would treat aggressively as it is so dangerous. We will have to wait about 3 days once the sample is collected to get any answers. I am hoping that we can have those by the time we meet with him on Thursday.
I talked in length with Madison's teacher this morning. As the days tick by and we get closer to school starting my discouragement rises. I was so hopeful that things would have worked themselves out by now and that Madison would be able to be in undies and doing great. For some reason that is not where we are at. I am struggling to except that but am trying to stay positive and keep believing that none of this is a surprise to the Lord. Why Madison has to struggle so much will be a question I will have to deal with. Mrs. Hollis was great and is so understanding of all that Madison is going through. The school is willing to work with me as much as possible to make this as easy for Madison as possible. If the C-diff has returned I do not believe that enemas will even be an option right now. I talked with Miriam a little tonight and she implied that enemas would not be effective with the infection and antibiotics. Dr. Levitt has said that if by school we are no controlling her bowels that we would began the enema program for 3 months. My heart aches to think of that possibility. I will continue to trust his judgment as I feel like he has always done what was in her best interest. It is hard to weigh all of the options. The advantages of not doing enemas are that there would be no daily agony. It is so miserable to administer the enemas and so devastating for Mads. The downside of not doing them is that there is always the possibility that there could be teasing and joking that Madison is the only one that wears diapers. She has become immune to her own odor and it makes it difficult as she is not aware of an accident until I smell it. My heart breaks to think of what kids could say that would hurt or embarrass her.
So allot will be determined in the week ahead. Is there a new infection? Will she start school or will she be back in isolation? Will we start enemas? Is there still strong belief that bowel recognition is possible?
So much to take in and process. I broke down today for the first time in awhile... (Sorry Connie that you had to be there for that!) It is so hard. I try to be strong and some days I do really good, or at least do really good acting the part! Today has been hard. So we will start over tomorrow and pray for the strength to get through that day. I need to stop looking ahead as that gets to overwhelming. So here we are again, smack dab in the middle of a situation where we have to chose to have faith and believe that the Lord has an amazing plan for Madison's life, no matter how difficult.
Thanks so much for your continued prayers!! we all need them!
I will keep you posted!