Friday, July 11, 2008

first night post-op

trying to get a little rest

trying to keep her distracted with some games.

Maddie and Glenn beat Jed!

an attempt at the playroom....can you see the enthusiasm!!

hello.... as I type my eyes are heavy! 2-3 hours of sleep just does not cut it! Madison is finally sleeping - it is 5PM here. The first time that she has closed her eyes since her very short night last night. We have been having some awful issues with pain control since surgery. at about 2AM last night they added Valium to the list of narcotics on top of the morphine pump. seemed to take some of the edge off when trying to work with her. She again stopped talking for quite sometime must be her new way of coping. After the pain was under control and we had just fallen asleep at 3AM we started having issues with her breathing. Because of the meds her breathing is shallow and makes all of the alarms sound. She was moved and rolled and messed with for about an hour...still no luck so she had to do some breathing exercises....nothing like being totally annoyed, drugged out and tired and then asked to exercise!!!

Finally at 5AM I saw her eyes close as she drifted off. The Dr. started rounds at about 6AM and she never really got good sleep again until now. This morning she was miserable. Had to have the pain team come and see her...changed all of her meds moved her catheter (which seemed to be a major factor in the pain level) and she is seeming allot more comfortable.

You can hear her stomach growl across the room. the nurses chuckle because when they listen to her chest they can not hear it clear because of all the stomach noise. She has not asked for food or drink since last night which also indicated to me the level of pain she had. the "liquid meat and potatoes" should be here in the next hour and they hope that by tomorrow the feeling of hunger should be gone.

We tried to take a small walk to the activity center today..lasted about 5 minutes. You can tell from the pics that she is out of it~ we will try again tomorrow.

Dr. Levitt brought the pictures.... I was expecting to see pictures of the colon in a sterile tub -Oh no.... he gave us 8x10 pics of the surgery in PROGRESS with the colon on the table - still attached. Jed looked a little queezie. Nothing that I will share with others or scrapbook but definitely interesting for the huge medical file drawer at home. Maybe someday she will want to see them.....not for years - by then the memories may not be so fresh. ( all you nurses that are reading this and praying that I will let you see them - the answer is .....YES but only you guys...!)

Danielle and Ted are on there way here with Olivia!!! YEAH. I am excited to see her. The will stay until Sat or Sun depending on how Maddie feels. It will be nice to have some other support her and allow me and Jed to actually go have a meal together! We have been alternating since we do not want food or drinks in here. Madison is excited to show Olivia all the cool things around here.

I have a few other REALLY COOL things to blog about....stay tuned. Hint: Mads may be a celebrity!

Love you all!