Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am back....

the new injury... a blasted nose, hip and toe from a face plant on the way to the homecoming parade. there was a puddle of blood on the street for all to see!

Must be passed on from her dad... I had to laugh!

Another present arrived from the nurse Liz at CCHMC. Can you believe it?? and then another from Maggie, the director of the Cincinnati Champions Program

Working on the craft project that Lauren and Derrick gave to Madison for her birthday!

The finished project
Olivia "helping" me out!

sorry that I have been so behind on blogging. It has been a busy couple of weeks. I was able to go to Minneapolis for Arbonne last week and had a great time there with several of the girls on my team. It was a good 3 days away and helped me to really get back on target with my business after a crazy summer! I was invited by Tory Brandt, my National Vice President to a cocktail party for all of the NVPs. It was a great privilege. The highlight for me was having a great conversation with our dear president Rita Davenport...(John expecting a call or email soon! she has you pegged... she totally remembered you!)

Otherwise life is still the same here. We have been busy with Madison being in school 5 days a week. She is loving school and is doing really well. We have not had any accidents at school so the Lord has really been watching over her. We have had a few accidents a week so hopefully that will start to slow down as well. Dr. Levitt checked in yesterday to see how the party was and how Madison is doing. he said that he is so thrilled that she is off all the ex lax and still really believes that soon the sensation will come back to her. He is always very positive about where he thinks she will end up. So we will keep working with her and pray that Dr. Levitt is right!

Olivia is a character. She keeps me on my toes...we have a great time together in the mornings when Madison is at school. It is a great opportunity to be with her alone. She is very busy and has an imagination like no ones business.

Jed and I started Power 90 2 weeks ago and are getting up early everyday to exercises and are following a strict eating plan. Jed and I both lost 7 pounds the first week!!! WOOHOO.... We will keep you posted on our progress.... it is so much easier doing this together. Usually when I diet Jed walks around with bowls of ice cream bigger then his head... a real encouragement to the dieting wife! The last 3 years we have watched the biggest loser.... while eating ice cream. You know that show makes you feel pretty good about the measly 20 pounds you need to lose...until the finale. There we sit with bowls of ice cream and the harsh reality hits as the winners come busting through the paper looking way better then us! So this year we will be losing along with the participants...drinking water and eating bok choy!

So there is a quick update on what is happening here..... o yeah and I will post a picture of Madison latest injury!!! So sad the way she is always banged and bruised!