Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad news and good news:
Bad news first....
Booty rash is still flaring its ugly face.... she is miserable. Had to call Cincinnati today to get some different medicine as it is getting so bad that she can hardly function. She does not want to sit or walk and cries about how bad it hurts all day. Every diaper change is a fight. We have resorted to a bath after every dirty diaper....she has had about 20 baths in 48 hours! Today she started to scream when the water would hit the sores.... I am not sure what else to do.
The nurse in Cincinnati said that because her colon is moving faster now as there is less “road to travel” the body does not get rid of enough of a bio-salt ( I am not sure that is the correct name...some sort of salt though.) The salt reeks havoc on the booty..... and the cycle begins.
So in a nut shell the bad news is that Madison HAS a real pain in her butt!
Good news....
Because Madison is so miserable I am trying to “catch” as many poops on the potty as possible to avoid having it in her diaper. I have had her sit on the pot 3 different times for about 5 minutes today. Each time she pooped!!! I am still not sure that she is feeling it. But as long I can get her to sit and she can relax we are having luck, at least for today! We will consider this a step in the right direction. We all needed a little encouragement.
Last night was hard. I have not seen Jed cry since they wheeled Maddie away for surgery, until last night. Madison had a breakdown about how its all not fair...Jed was telling me that she had said that she is the only one in her family that gets sick, the only one in her family that wears diapers and then he began to get choked up as he said that she said... 5 years old are not supposed to wear diapers dad. So there we sat in the dark on the deck crying..... I guess those times will come on occasion. We are thankful for the small victories today. Thank you Lord for giving us a glimpse of hope in a time that it was desperately needed.


Madison went with Jed a little less then a year ago to her first concert! Starfield was playing at Park Hills church. Madison LOVED it. I will go as far as to say that she had her first crush. She came home with an autographed picture of all of the band. I had to have it laminated because it went everywhere with us! A few days after the concert she came into my room early in the morning. I was sound asleep. She woke me up and said “ mom how do you spell marry me?” I looked over and I saw that she had copied one of the guys names and was writing him a letter. She has good taste, he was the cutest one! I asked what she was doing as she ran off giggling!
You can only imagine the excitement when she saw this years summerwood schedule and there was Starfield!!! We marked all of the calendars in the house and COMMITTED to be there. Then we learned about her surgery..... several times she told doctors that she had to be home for the concert. We started to get worried towards the end of the stay that we would not make it back.
We got home with 48 hours to spare! The Smith family was at the concert. Madison was in heaven... She listened and sang! She smiled for 2 hours straight! Olivia was not so entertained.... at one point she looked at me and yelled, literally, as it was soooo loud in there, “do you want to play I spy with my little eye?”. I laughed and told here we would have to wait until after the music stopped.
When the concert was over we made a b-line for the merchandise table. Madison asked for the poster and I convinced her that she needed the whole, t-shirt and poster! Give me a break.... you would do the same thing if your child just went through all that she has....
We waited in line for the autographs and she was so excited.... she was bouncing all over the place. When we got up to the table they asked if she liked the concert. She replied with a very quick YES! When they asked what her name was she responded with a little bit of annoyance in her voice .... “Madison, but you already know me from the first concert”.! I died... they looked at me for a little back up. I quickly said.... yeah at park Hills in Freeport last year. To that they responded, O are you Madison!!!!
Jed and I died! As we were walking to the car she said “ I need to add them to my birthday party list. I want them to sing at my party”. I told her that we would get daddy right on that!!!

where did it go????

I have to share this funny story that happened while we were at the RMH. Madison was discharged a week ago today. We were instructed that she needed to be given her Flagyl for the c-diff every 6 hours no matter when it falls. You can imagine her enthusiasm when we would wake her up in the middle of the night to stick a syringe in her mouth. On Monday it was hot and stormy. We all crawled into the same full size bed because we were so excited to be together! As Jed and Maddie faded off into a deep sleep I listened to the nasty storm brewing outside. The deeper they slept the more the storm flared its anger.... I was a little annoyed to because I could not sleep. At about 1AM the power went off.....pitch black but more importantly ....NO FAN. Now I was really annoyed. Jed and Maddie were not bothered a bit. I laid in bed listening to all the kids in the hallways crying, parents trying to help kids calm down. After 3 hours of this Jed's cell phone alarm clock went off. The only person that budged was me.... I used the cell phone light to stumble to the refrigerator and get out the meds... I filled the syringe as best as I could tell to 5.6 mil and began to try and “administer” the drugs. Madison began kicking and screaming so I just laid across her arms and legs and shot it in her mouth. We had done this the few nights before and she never remembered in the morning. I hated being so mean but found slight peace in knowing that she would not remember. She rolled over and went right back to bed.
The next morning we all woke up to get ready to head to the hospital by 7 AM. After a few minutes of being awake Madison made a large gasp... I went right to her and could see the confusion in her eyes. She looked at me with her tongue sticking straight through a gapping hole in her mouth.... “where did my tooth go?”. I was in shock.....last night it was there. We had mentioned that it was getting loose. I looked through the bed, no tooth. On the floor, no tooth...... Then I looked on the counter and all of the pieces came together. A bloody syringe lay on the counter. Crime solved: aggressive mother knocks child's tooth out while administering drugs in the middle of a power outage...... I was in shock!
Later that morning we were sitting in Dr. Levitt office. I jokingly asked if he could see a missing tooth in her belly. He pulled out the x-ray and there it was....plain as day! So the following pictures are of the tooth INSIDE Madison as well as the note that Dr. Levitt wrote for the tooth fairy!