Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kid's Wish Network, Hero of the Month!

So.... the news that I have been writing to tell you! Madison has been selected to be the Kids Wish Network Hero of the month for November. You can check them out at . How cool is that!!!

We have also been contacted about Madison being a feature in a magazine that goes out to thousands about Cincinnati Children's Hospital. They are talking about the February issue.... and lastly they would like our family to be interviewed by a local radio station so that our story can be played during the yearly fundraising drive on the big local station. The hospital is so impressed with our story of a 3 year battle with no help and then our excitement in finding their info over the Internet. We could be Dr. Levitt's biggest advocates in the world. He has changed Madison's life forever! Yesterday after surgery I could not help but give him a great big thank you hug!

So... Little Madison could be getting some real recognition in the next year for her courage and her fight against this miserable colon disease. She deserves every ounce of it!


better days.....

sisters reunited so excited
craft- time
jed playing catch-up!

Yesterday evening seemed to be one of much less pain for Mads. She has even smiled a few times this morning. Today they will try to ween her off of some of the narcotics. They can tell that she is getting gas build up from the pain meds... We need to make sure that her colon is clear for the x-ray day 6 or she will not be allowed to attempt eating. The pain team said that as they take the meds down she will be pretty miserable from post op gas pain but that the only way to get the colon moving is to drop of the of those issues where it has to get worse before it can get better. Pray that her pain is manageable.

Ted and Danielle came with miss Olivia last night. The girls were so sweet together. They painted in bed together. Olivia was so sweet and said " i wish I was the bigger sister so that i could hold Maddie because that would make her feel better".

I went to the hotel last night and slept with Olivia. I got a good solid nine hours sleep so that was a huge blessing. Jed is snoozing after a shorter night here with Maddie. He will take a turn at the hotel tonight.

Thanks for your continued prayers,