Friday, August 22, 2008

banged up beauty.....

Oh my goodness can the girl really not get a break??? Another injury to Madison's every growing list!!! Last night on Jed's duty (side note: chipped tooth and stitches have also happened on his duty!!!) the latest injury occurred, not that it has anything to do with neglect or not paying attention. I think that it is comical that when a mother leaves home wild accidents happen!

The kids were in bed early because today was Madison's first day of kindergarten. Jed heard some chatting upstairs, not unusual since the new adventure of sharing a room. A few minutes later the laughter turned to blood curdling scream...... here is the injury!


Madison was annoyed that Olivia "kept waking me up" so she invited her to come sleep in bed with her in hopes that she would settle down. Somehow on the way into bed Olivia's head collided with Madison's..... I came home and Madison was sound asleep with the icepack still in place. This morning it was a beautiful shiner. She cried because she did not want to go to school like that... we tried to tell her that the boys would think it was cool.

Always lots of reasons for pictures in this household!!!

Tonight we went to the fair to celebrate Madison birthday coming on Sunday. We took her good friend Gabby along! They had a great time and we are all pooped out!! And speaking of poop...we have had no accidents in 48 hours and 2 days of successfully pooing in the big girl potty!!! I feel an underwear shopping trip coming on!!!

Here are pics of the wild day.......

First Day of School

Still friends....even after the injury!!

At the fair....this is before Olivia freaked out because she was NOT a fan of the ride!

Gabby & Madison

Pouting after the "freaky" ride!!!Now we are better!!!

Taking it all in....Having a blast with NoahMadison is always up for a challengeAll tattooed up!!!Olivia was also not a fan of the noise in the barn!!

Madison was in love with this sheep!!! This is a GREAT fair picture...

dirty girl with missing teeth, black eye, petting sheep in pink leopard "outfit" all while carrying the bible she received at one of the booths!!!

another day with good news....

real quick update to be followed with more info later!
1- Madison pooped again!!!!!
2- Danielle has been discharged!! Scans looked good so she will follow up with her OB on Monday for pain management issues with the severe headaches... probably being causes by the other tumors that she has in her neck and shoulders.

Stay tuned for pics of Madison's latest injury!!! The girl should be living in a rubber room!!!!

We are off to the fair to celebrate all the good news and Madison's birthday(8-24) !