Tuesday, July 8, 2008

rough start!

pouts and more pouts....

still pouting!!!

Rough start to the week!! We got to the hospital at about 8 to get the PIC line started. Madison has been pouting all day!! She has every right to be mad and annoyed! The PICC line procedure was started at 9 and took about 45 minutes. She was put in a full body papoose...not the best way to start the day when you are already annoyed! The line seems to be working well! Once we got to the room we were informed that we needed to start the GI tube right away so the we can start the full colon clean out. Madison did good through that...she has complained allot about a "sore throat" which they said would be a possible side effect. They started the fluids at 465 ML an hour....after about 3 hours the vomiting started.... every thing came back up. The Dr decided to slow it down and she still was vomiting. The decision was made to give an enema to make sure that nothing was blocking the rectum. After her past experiences with the enemas and fluid transfer in May I asked them to give her zopran right away to help kick the nausea. That has seemed to help. We gave the enema an she was able to get ride of 1300cc's of fluid...so something was blocking the fluids. The Zopran had kicked in and the eyes are heavy! They will start the Gi tube back at 100 cc an hour increasing by 25 cc an hour until we are back to 465cc an hour.
It has been a rough first day but hopefully she will be able to sleep well and have no more vomit ting. Jed will stay tonight and I will head to the hotel. I plan on taking the next few nights as I will not "be able" (emotionally) to leave her tomorrow night before the surgery or Thursday night after the surgery. I will try to get rested and ready for the big days ahead! Jed will be fine here as he sleeps great no matter where we are!
Still no word from the Ronald McDonald House as to when we may get a call- they had estimated 7-10 days...we will just wait and wee what each day brings!
Thank you all so much for your prayer! We appreciate all of your thoughts for our family,especially Maddie in these hard times!
We will keep you posted as things change!

could it be???

We thought that it was only appropriate to document what could be our last dose of Ex-lax!!!! 4.5 squares of chocolate celebration!! Now people at Cub Foods can stop talking about the bulimic woman that buys 5 boxes of ex-lax every couple of weeks!!

Hope that this chapter of Madison's journey is over!!

fun in the sun!

We had a great time at Ted an Danielle's this weekend! The pool was great and we were able to have some good times there as a family before heading to Cincinnati yesterday. The BIG news is that Madison can now swim without swim wings or a life jacket! She is a little fish and did sooo great!

You can also see all the great work that we got dome on Danielle's nursery at her blog at http://www.thelawvers.blogspot.com/ . A good weekend on fun and work!

saying goodbye!

You would have thought the world was coming to an end.... forget that she is having a surgery - her only concern was that Libby was not coming with us! I thought that these were sooooo funny!

She loves her doggie!!!