Friday, September 11, 2009

Holy Ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could these pictures be any cuter??? I will have to blog all of the pictures soon. Extreme Home Makeover is in to town to do a house a few miles out of Freeport. It has been so fun. I was able to get to know a few people who are on the production team and have got a few sweet hook-ups. Today Jed and I were involved in a lot of the filming for the show and will hopefully be seen on the show as we are in the mass of people coming to demo the house and then the interview when Ty talks with the builder about the family in front of the house. It has been an amazing sight. When Jed and I got there this morning at 4 a.m. to work the foundation had just been finished. By the time we left at 4 p.m. the ENTIRE house was framed and the roof was almost completely boarded?? The old house was demoed and removed within about 3 hours.

It has been so fun to see how it all comes together and how it is not at all the way you think it would be! Likethe fact that they demoed the house AFTER the new house was totally up on a different piece of the property!

We have lots of great photos of the other designers, the house progress and the surrounding area that if full of production trailers, food tents - ect!

Had to at least get these up!