Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30th

Hello everyone! Allot has happened since we last blooged!
First and foremost.... Madison scored her first goal in soccer last night!! She was so excited! She was skipping around the field and missed the next several plays because she was looking at me giving me the thumbs up and saying “ that one was mine mom!” It was so great to see her so happy!
On a funny note - Wed afternoon I look out our kitchen window and see a turtle making its way towards the house.... not a small turtle either.... turns out it is a snapper. Jed shovels it into a bucket as the snapper is “snapping”. The girls both have nightmares and I am awake all night! The turtle stayed over night in a bucket outside waiting for the conservation police. We still have no idea how that thing got here. No real habitat for a snapper on Lacresta Dr???
I have developed an abscess under my left arm that is so painful. I am on antibiotics and hope that it will all clear up otherwise as my dr said “ I will have to take a scalpel to it” So as you can imagine I am praying for the obvious!
Jed turned 31! we had a very romantic dinner at Culvers as he was running out of town at 8:30 pm on his birthday! He had a busy two days in Chicago! He traveled with one of the “big wigs” and got RAVE reviews.... no surprise there! I am so proud of what he has accomplished at this job. He had his review last week and was ranked in the top 2% of the entire company!!!! GO JED! In order to celebrate tomorrow he is pulling the roof of of the garage!!!!! Poor guy never gets any down time!
Jed and I had a long conference call with the surgeon in Ohio on Wed. . We have decided after allot of talking that we need to move forward with the colon resection surgery. Dr. Levitt was of a little different opinion than Dr. Pena as far as the need to “prove” that she has bowel control before being a candid for the surgery. Dr. Levitt believes that she will not get bowel control until after the surgery because her colon and rectum are simply to large. We talked in length about the surgery and what it will in tale. Lots to take in and an unbelievable amount of fear to think about what is ahead for Maddie.... The verse “be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer, and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” keeps coming to mind. So much easier to say then to live. I believe that the Lord will provide the peace that passes all understanding for us in the days ahead. We should know by Monday the available dates for surgery. We are praying that possibly July as that would give Madison enough time to recover for school late august. Dr. Levitt was afraid that they may be booked through the summer so we will see. Again, we trust that the day that is open is the day that the Lord has planned for us. I am not to concerned about it being after school starts as I feel capable of teaching kindergarten for a month or so ! (I think that is the only grade I could do!)
We will keep you all posted as we get more info from Cincinnati. We will have another x-ray on Monday to verify that she is staying clean.
Please pray for Jed and I as we have allot on our plates in making these super critical decisions for Madison. We are begging the Lord to make His plan for Madison so clear for us. We are trusting that He will open and close the doors as He sees fit.
We love you all and can not thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers for our family.