Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 7 - May 14th

Overall today was a good day! We had our x-ray this morning and then headed to the museum. They have the Bodies Exhibit here and it was fun to take Madison and spend allot of time in the room that talks about digestion. There were some great visuals to help her really understand all that is going on as I can tell that she is somewhat confused about it all!
We had great success this morning with the meds and were pretty sure that she would be clean on x-ray. We also went from 3 accidents yesterday to 1 today. We were surprised as we assumed more laxative means more stool which would be more accidents. They assured us that the laxative is to monitor if the colon is emptying and the pectin is to determine the consistency of the stool. They need to get the laxative high enough that she emptys...Period. We were told to go down to 4.5 squares tonight because she was clean on x-ray and had complained about some cramping. Maybe this will be the magic formula.
She continues to eat like a horse....which is so weird since she is never like this!

Today she ate:

apple juice
chicken fingers
fiber one bar
chicken breast
4(!) slices fresh whole wheat bread (the good kind at Outback steakhouse!)
wild rice and veggies
and a doughnut! (pictured above!)
She is also asking for water at every turn!

She is probably drinking 2-3 20 oz water bottles a day!

For all of you that are reading this and thinking that there is not enough fiber in there, to much bread...blah, blah blah - do me two favors:
1- try to feed a kid a balanced diet at restaurants three meals day
2 – take 5 x-lax squares and see if you poop!
The doctors have assured us that right now to do our best to get her to eat a balanced diet – but let her eat what she want as meal times so she is full. The most important thing that they are tracking is 3 meals a day with NO snacks. They need the colon to be in the same patterns everyday. That is the only way that they can effectively find the right meds. The no snacking will be interesting at home because Olivia is a human garbage can. We will be investing in some child locks soon!
Other than a new bladder infection she is in great spirits! She is such a trooper and never complains about all that she is going through! She described her bladder pain as “when I am peeing it is like some one is giving me shots, like an IV”..... poor kid. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon. They will have them waiting for us at the hospital in the morning!
Thanks for your continued prayers for all of us!