Sunday, August 24, 2008

is she really six........

"Learning to trust God with a life as fragile as Madison's was one of the hardest trials I have ever faced. Seems silly when I think about it. The God who cut a dry path through a raging sea; the God who took a lowly Shepard boy, five stones and a slingshot and made him a warrior; The God who delivered Peter out of a guarded cell, is the same God who cupped His massive hands gently around a fragile body and breathed life. The same God who laid his hands upon the lepers, the outcast, the lame, placed His hands upon my heart and said "fear not, only believe". Every time I look at you Madison I remember the past, yet I can not help but think of the future. You were the best teacher I ever had. You taught me to have faith, that the Lord cares, and that we are not here by mistake or chance, but by the grace and love of God. Most importantly you taught me humility, for apart from God I can do nothing, but with Him nothing is impossible. We are not in control, but when we loosen the grip from those things we cling so tightly to, His tender voice will cut through the icy sting of disappointment & give us courage, strength and faith to face the trials of life head on."
Scrapbook entry from when Madison was in the NICU 6 years ago. Boy is it still true today!
Is it possible that six years ago today she was born?? I feel like I have been a mom forever
but yet I also feel like she was just born yesterday. Six years ago this sweet, precious, tender girl was struggling to breathe. I am so reminiscent tonight as the clock ticks by... I keep thinking about what was happening in the hospital 6 years ago to the hour. In the morning I will be thinking about the helicopter that came to take my sweet first child, just hours old, to Rockford to the NICU. Boy has she kept us on our toes!
Despite all of the medical issues that poor Madison has had she is such an amazingly happy little girl. These pictures make my heart smile as I can see that she is "just fine" even with all that she has been through. She loves life, loves people and best of all loves the Lord.
Sweet Madison Grace you will never know the love I have for you until you have a child of your own!!!
Happy birthday baby!