Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my sweet angel....

Sweet Maddie Grace.... Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern for our precious girl these last few weeks. She is doing well. I am really trying to be positive and remember just how far she has come. I was looking back in the older post from the blog and was so emotional as I look at just what this girl has been through. We are still moving forward day by day. Trying to adjust meds to get where we need to be. We had an xray today and everything looked good... probably means that we can hold at the dosages we are at and then recheck in a week.

Some days are better then others. Madison is back in pull ups as we are just not having much success with no accidents. She is trying .... I can tell that she is frustrated. Hopefully with the adjustments that we will be making in adding pectin back in tomorrow she will have better control and feeling.

When we went to get xrays today the technician asked why we were there... when I responded "she had a colon resection in July" he looked surprised ....the severity of what she has been through really hit me for the first time... My sweet girl has been through more then I could have ever imagined. So really in the grand skeem of things a little medicine, and occasional enema and some cute pull-ups are really not all that bad. We have come a LONG way in the last 6 months. I believe with all of my heart that we will get the "home run" yet.

Thanks for praying. This little girl is going to do great things in her life... I wonder what the Lord is preparing her for? Whatever it is, it is going to be amazing.


so thankful for all of my sisters. How fun to all be together at Thanksgiving! It is so weird how fast time flies... 5 boys (aka husbands!), 7 kids, 1 baby in the much love. So blessed.