Monday, September 1, 2008


my oh my. Do you think she may have a career in theater!

we had so much fun......

the crazy beach babes!
I took this pic so that you could see how amazing this beach was... the black dot in the water is JED STANDING... the beach was hundreds of yards of knee deep water. The kids LOVED it and it makes it easy for momma to relax!

Notice the frog on peters head! The kids had fun "frog hunting" for hours.
They always found a ton!Luke's find Madison's hopper!
The retreat! A view from the fire
The girls LOVED the two puppies that the Maillefers had! They played for hours a day with Rosie and LuLu!

The clan. Bridget and Claire had to leave Friday nightLukie- Lu
Bridget and Claire
Madison and LuLu

Olivia and Rosie

We had such a great time in Door county with the Maillefers! We had lots of good rest and relaxation as well as good fun activities!

We swam, biked, kayaked lake Michigan, shopped, watched fireworks at the marina fest, scrapbooked, golfed, played games, read, drank lots of coffee, sat by the fire, cooked full meals on the fire, fished..... we had a great time and are so thankful for the Maillefer hospitality!!!