Monday, July 21, 2008

heading to the RMH TOGETHER!

Just talked with Dr. Pena. We have been released from the hospital. We will see Dr. Levitt tomorrow AM at 8 and have another x-ray. They have put her on the oral form of flagyl and she will continue that for 14 days. We also have been put on 1.5 squares of ex-lax because she has not had a BM since Saturday.

We will see how it all goes tomorrow and go from there. We are very anxious to get out of here! It has been 3 weeks since we left home. Hopefully we will get the "all clear" tomorrow and can head on our journey home. We miss Olivia like crazy and can not wait to get her!

We will try to keep you posted as things change. We are not sure what the internet connection is at RMH.

Thank you soooooo much for all of your prayers these last few weeks. They have been extremely difficult. It is good to be on this side if the mountain! Hopefully the days ahead will be easy!

love you all!