Monday, September 8, 2008

celebrating the big 6......

what a great day we had on Saturday celebrating Madison's 6th bday! The birthday party was a blast and she was so thrilled to show everyone about her life in the hospital. I will blog a copy of her invitations as it tells the story of her desire to have a hospital birthday party so that she could show all of her friends what it is like to be in the hospital.

We tried to recreate as many elements as possible.... we had the playroom, played hospital bingo, had wristbands and people were "checked in" as they came in! Madison was in the MD suit and Olivia was the nurse/doctor in training! Madison said that she wanted to have dolls that people could cut open to take their colons out...... I told her that it may be to much so we opted for just the basic hospital procedures!!!!! Too funny. The girls LOVED it and Madison told lots of stories about all of her experiences.

the staff at Cincinnati Hospital was so great and gave us a TON of goodies to make the hospital party as real as possible!!!! What a great group of people!

What a thrill to have her be so excited..... she is such a doll.

the id bands...even the parents had "parents bands"!the goodie bags...everyone was equipped with the fixin's to play doctor at home! The "playroom" (Madison's favorite place at the hospital)Olivia...the doctors assistant!few "sick" patients!!!!

Hospital Bingo... one of Madison's favorite activities at CCHMC

The cake... I slaved away but loved the way it turned out. Madison was so excited!!

six years old...... sign, moan, sob..... my sweet baby has been through so much in her short life. But man o man is she a trooper... and doesn't she look so good!?

Love you sweet girl and am so proud of you!