Friday, August 8, 2008

o my gosh I am tierd!!!

it is good to look at these to remind me of why we are working so hard!!
isn't beautiful!!! I am so happy for my parents!!

the walkout basement....

the secert garden

ok...since I last blogged my parents looked at a house, bought it and have had the biggest moving sale you have ever seen!! I think that I have logged about 60 hours since Sunday (seriously!!) and we have made unbelievable strides in the right direction.

We may be a little crazy! We are fixing their house, packing and holding the sale all at the same time. I have some great pictures of what all is going on! i will add those tomorrow when I get a hold of my moms camera! the new house is absolutely georgeous!

I wanted to update you all so that you did not think that we had all been abducted! I will do a longer entery eyes are about to close and I have to be back on "money duty" at the sale at 8am!