Friday, August 15, 2008

great news for our sweet girl...

Just wanted to update you all on the great news that we received yesterday at Madison's appointment.

Madison and I traveled to Sycamore on Wed night and stayed with Lauren and Derrick. Lauren, Madison and I left at 6 am yesterday and drove straight to Maddies appointment at 3. Madison is a great traveler and we made it with no problems at all.

Dr. Levitt was excited to see Madison and started with his normal joking the second we walked through the door. Madison LOVES him! The exam showed that her incision is doing great and there are no problems at all. My biggest concern, as I have shared with you in the past, is that Dr. Levitt would want to start the enema program as we are having NO LUCK with the potty training or getting out of diapers.

I could tell that after telling him how many accidents that she is having he was bummed because he is DETERMINED to have her in big girl undies for 8 days! After really looking at everything he believes that we are over medicating Madison. The decision was made to drop down to only HALF (!!!!) of an ex-lax a day and double the pectin. He said that he is hopeful that it will slow down the colon and that she could be in undies by next Friday!!!! That was GREAT news and not at all what we expected to hear. Dr. Levitt said that he was impressed that she has been able to go from 6 squares in May all the way down to a half! We will do an x-ray on Tuesday morning and then decide if that will be where we stay with the meds. The x-ray showed yesterday that she was totally empty! So far today we have had no poo... I am hoping that she is able to empty with the lower amount of ex-lax.
After the appointment last night we went to get some fun stuff for Madison bday invites (I will take pictures once they are done!) and then to get all of her school supplies. She had so much fun! This morning we got up and drove to Akron to surprise Danielle! She was so excited! We will stay through her baby shower on Sunday and then head back to Freeport on Monday!

We will keep you updated on how we progress with the change of meds. We are hopeful that it could be our answer and that after weeks of worring about her accidents we could finally have some success.