Wednesday, October 28, 2009

didn't get a thing done today.....

I totally am having those days where at the end of the night you are EXHAUSTED but feel like you got nothing done.... I was in the shower, at 5PM, discouraged about just that...getting nothing done. I started trying to run down the list of what I did all day so I could figure out why I never get things crossed off my list... there are piles everywhere, dishes in the sink.....

*I got up at 7 after not sleeping AGAIN, even with the sleeping pills.
*Got two kids up
*Got them both dressed
*Fed them both
*Packed 2 backpack
*Packed one lunch
*Found 4 shoes
*Found Frog costume since Olivia was sick and missed Noahs Ark day last week
*Took pictures of said frog outside
*Drove both girls to school
*Made breakfast
*Did 2 loads of laundry
*Did dinner dishes from last night
*Checked email
*Cleaned living room enough so I could sit on the couch and eat cold breakfast I had made half hour earlier
*Watched 10 minutes of TV
*Paid bills
*Got to school to do room mom duties at pick up time
*Went to courthouse with crying child to make sure my husband does not get arrested on Nov 16th for subpoena that was issued yesterday (that's another blog entry!)
*Got all the way to the courthouse door and was told I could not bring my cell phone in....walked all the way back to car to THROW phone in the front seat.
*Went back to courthouse
*Gave proof of immunizations for our freakin dog to lady so husband does not get arrested
*Explained to still crying child why we WERE NOT asking the guy at the desk for a sucker (the answer... I was pissed off he made me walk back to the car with my phone and crying child)
*Went to vet to get money back for overcharge on immunizations
*Sneezed and peed... my pants
*Went to post office
*Return carpet samples
*Got groceries
*Kept my cool while Olivias hid in every available location at grocery store
*Went to bank
*Unloaded car
*Started wash as I only have one pair of maternity jeans and they had been peed in.... its not funny!
*Made lunch for me and my child
*Helped Olivia with crafts
*Got homework ready and sorted
*Called loan officer to see why the refinance is taking so long
*Paid speeding ticket online (self induced, you do not have to feel bad about this one!)
*Started load of dark socks so my husbands shoes do not crawl off tomorrow
*Coddled an Arbonne client
*Mailed check to same client
*Cleaned buckets for Arbonne party tonight
*Loaded car for party
*Picked up Madison from school
*Was informed she had a "pee infection"
*Called doctor
*Wondered if maybe I have a pee infection
*Remembered I was 30 weeks pregnant ( had forgot all day!)
*Started homework
*Had to explain why all the homework was going to be done again because it was so messy
*Got in a "fight" with a loan officer over the phone about car loan
*Did dishes while arguing with loan officer Called father-in-law to verify that the loan officer was smoking crack and I was right
*Was assured of crack smoking being done by loan officer by wise father-in-law
*Ordered school pictures online
*Picked laminae and tiles for a non paying design job
*Called to find a place to hold a moms night out for MOPS( I think the bar is the best answer!)
*Saw husband arrive
*Husband side swiped by stories of "pee infections" and nasty foods
*Took shower
*Helped Olivia memorize her Awana verse while I was in the shower.
*Signed awana book with eyeliner
*Started dinner
*Tried to update husband on all activities for the night while stirring food and holding up to small towel around huge belly
*Worried about cars driving by that could see me in the front window, stressed and barley covered.
*Decided if they did see it they would never look in my windows again when they drove by
*Finished getting ready
*Swallowed Dinner
*Took TUMS
*Went to Arbonne party
*Realized I forgot to put Mascara on when getting ready
*About died when I remembered taking to woman about how great the mascara is.
*Wondered why she bought the mascara when my eyelashes are not even visible tonight.
*Packed lunches for tomorrow
*Remembered no one was going to school tomorrow
*Ran throw tomorrow with hubby as he brushed his teeth
*Called room mom about Halloween Party
*Went and kissed kids in bed
*Blogged about not understanding why I can not get anything done.

If you can figure out how I am not managing my time well PLEASE let me know. I think I am going to have to cut out peeing and eating!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breathe Life... Not Death

Wow.... A bible study by Sharon Jaynes has been one of great conviction! I was informed of the topic selected for the MOPS bible study and knew that it was one that I could benefit from! The power of words..uuggh.

Today was a great study. First and foremost the woman (all 24! of them) that are in the group are fabulous and the leader is an amazing woman of God! This week we just kinda got started. Started digging in to what the "power of the tongue" means! The verse that we started with was Proverbs 18:21 "death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit."

Life and Death? That seems so harsh, so extreme.

We came to the conclusion that it can truly be life and death. Words can be just encouraging enough that they can literally breathe life into someone that was at the point that they were ready to end life. Words could also breathe death into someone. They can be the breaking point for someone that can take no more. No more hurt, no more picking, no more hatred.

There is also the more daily "life and death". The life that we breathe into our kids and husbands when we encourage them, tell them we believe in them or give them courage to go for it! The encouragement that comes from saying... "I love you", "I am proud of you" or "I believe in you".

Life breathed.

Then there is the other...." you'll never be good at soccer", "I told you to listen.... you never listen", "you are making me crazy", "why are you always late, you don't even care about me".....

Death breathed.

The more we dug the more we started looking at what power really means. Strength. Control. Some had good emotions tied to power. Others no so great. Then this definition was brought up.... Sway of influence. Wow. That one really hit me. I looked down at the cover of my book and replaces the word power... " The sway and influence of a woman's words". It took on a whole new meaning when I saw it with just a different set of words.

The sway & influence to breath life or death to those around us.

I think moms are given the greatest chance to exercise just that as we are with those we love the most all day. It is said that it is easiest to hurt those we love the most. So all day we have opportunities to chose life or death with our words. I have never thought of it like this before.

There are countless stories of great people that have accomplished amazing things that trace their complete success back to words that spoke life into them. Maybe by a parent, maybe by a teacher. Then there are the stories of those that can not move past failure or hurt. Most of them will tell you that ever since they were small they were filled with words of doubt, worthlessness.... really words of death.

I am going to be much slower to speak this week as I examine every word that comes out of my mouth. Especially to those who I love the most. I am committing to speak LIFE into my children and husband. To not allow the words of death.

Want to take the challenge with me? Speak only words of life this week and see what happens to the atmosphere of your home... I am not saying do not discipline, do not direct. Just do in a way that breaths life into your child's or husbands heart.

Dear God... give me strength!